Clarks Hill Lake

Clarks Hill is an immense lake with more shoreline and coves than one could hope to cover in a lifetime.  When you add fog so dense it is hard to see the bow of the boat, the task of navigating and finding fish can seem impossible.  We hit the water around 7:00am and instantly realized that our game plan was going to change, crossing the main channel from the ramp was just too risky given the conditions so we were forced into coves that normally would have been ignored.  This ended up being a happy coincidence seeing as we found fish in just about every spot we hit. The water was in the upper 50-degree mark and just getting into that range where the males get charged up and ready for the big females to arrive.  We caught most of our fish in 4 to 8 feet of water on sinking intermediate lines with EP baitfish streamers. I was throwing the new Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan line that has an intermediate head followed by a type 3 and type 5 sinking line. It is hands down the finest sinking line I have ever casted.  No need for the usual chuck and duck with this line! I was able to fish streamers in water as shallow as 2 feet and also get down to fish in 8 feet of water. It is truly an all-around line. We had a good day and managed to land stripers, hybrids and a couple nice spotted bass. The water temps will continue to warm in the coming weeks bringing the bait and the stripers to the surface, but until then keep an eye out for long sloping points with a decent amount of depth change and watch for birds gathering over bait.

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