Griffin Tying Tools Standard Bobbin

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The Griffin Fly Tying Bobbin comes in two styles of bobbins, standard and ceramic tip. Both of these bobbins are manufactured by Griffin Enterprises in Montana.

The standard bobbin in very similar to a Matarelli bobbin, but has black plastic spindles instead of brass spindles on the legs that fit into the hole through a spool of thread. This is a very good bobbin that will last many years.

The ceramic tip bobbin is the same as the standard, but feature a flared tip that contains a ceramic insert. This insert prolongs the life of the bobbin. The ceramic insert will prevent a groove from being formed when using large diameter, and abrasive threads such as kevlar.

The Standard size bobbins measure 3 - 34 inches long. The Magnum size bobbin measures 3" long.

Lifetime manufacturers warranty.

The Griffin Fly Tying Bobbins are made in the U.S.A.

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